Re: Package managers gone haywire! yum, apt, rpm: pam is totally borked

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On 18/06/07, Claude Jones wrote:
> Had a similar problem.
> Turned out I had a bad ram module - and it really fubar'd things.

Well, maybe - I had that once a long time ago, and it rendered a Windows 2k
system unbootable. It was so strange that I reconstructed the problem, and
put the offending ram module back in, and booted up with the Pres and my
associate admin looking on, and it happened again! But, in this case, my
machine is coming up and running, and everything works. Maybe I'll try
booting in to windows, just to double check... Other suggestions offered have
made substantial progress, however

Running w2k successfully on the same machine is no sufficient test to
rule out that the RAM is  bad. You would not be the first person to
run into that trap. If it isn't RPM that is hit hard by  hardware
instability, it's a different application that creates a memory
usage/load pattern which exposes the hardware problems. GCC, for
example. Many users have seen spontaneous segmentation faults and
believed them to be bugs in the compiler, even when subsequent runs of
Make continued for a while.

A lot of problems with RPM are due to hardware problems or attempts at
disturbing RPM at run-time.

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