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Out of curiosity, what app is it?

BOINC  (a distributed processing system).

I crunch on SETI, mostly - I love space stuff!

I tried
export BROWSER=Firefox
export BROWSER="Firefox %u"
Neither work.

Case-sensitivity may be the problem.  Firefox is not the same as
firefox.  You may also need to provide a full path, depending on what
the app that's using $BROWSER has set its PATH to.

OK. Well, I changed it - still not working. Perhaps an error message will help determine the problem:

[mpk@d500 .BOINC]$ which firefox
[mpk@d500 .BOINC]$ export BROWSER="/usr/local/bin/firefox %u"
(test function in app)
[mpk@d500 .BOINC]$ execvp(Firefox, failed with error 2!

[mpk@d500 .BOINC]$ export BROWSER=/usr/local/bin/firefox
(test function in app)
[mpk@d500 .BOINC]$ execvp(Firefox, failed with error 2!

Nothing happens in the browser.

Furthermore, into what file do I put it? (.bash_profile?)

That should work.

I asked because of another issue I'm working on - where to put a command to run an app only once per session. I put that command into .bash_profile, and then I tried .bashrc. Both times, it would try to run it each time I opened a terminal or switched to the VT.

Someone suggested .xsession.

Granted, re-running this isn't a problem - but it just isn't sleek. Or, it's non-geeky. :)

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