Re: burning CDs on FC7 didn't work as non-root

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This is a problem that I've not seen in a very long time (i.e. many
releases ago of Red Hat Linux, I think).  I tried to burn a CD-ROM from
an ISO, and nothing would let me do it as myself (command line tools,
applications, etc.).  As far as I could see, all the device permissions
were set in a way that should have let me do it.  I had to resort to
using wodim as the root user to get the job done.  Is this a personal
glitch, or do others find the same thing?

What was the problem/error?

I've experienced a similar headache from day 1 with linux (on SUSE 10.0,
and FC5, FC6, and now F7, with various hardware).

I use CD/DVD Creator; when I click 'Write', give the details, and click OK, it comes back with "Please insert a disc with xxx MiB free." I'm using blank discs!

Turns out that this has been noticed already -

Is this your situation?

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