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Thanks very much I will keep your message.  I got it solved I did not have daemon installed.  Btw, I am using Fedora 7 here.




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Scott Berry ha scritto:

Failed to start database :

sh: /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysqld: No such file or directory--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

but  mysql server is installed  ??

what distro use ?

Your web application dont found the script to start the mysql daemon.

Check if mysql is correctly installed,  this is an examples :

rpm -qa |grep mysql (FC5 installation)

mysql-server-5.0.18-2.1 <---- This is the server
Check if mysql  startup manually without any problems, with service mysqld start / stop , and login into mysql with mysql client

the mysql log are in /var/log/mysql, look here for someone errors.

If its all ok, check your webmin application.


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