Re: SMART error [Solved]

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On Sat June 9 2007 10:12:13 Claude Jones wrote:
> > Realized that if your not familiar with python I should give
> > you a little more context for the code change.
> Thanks for all the input, Stan. I haven't responded because
> this happened on a machine at my office. I ended up doing most
> of my updates with Yumex and then left last night. I'll check
> Smart again when I get in a bit later. I believe one of thing
> updated was Smart, so maybe...

I have a mantra with all package-management problems; I learned 
it a long time ago, it seems, but it keeps turning out to be 
true. If you're having a problem with your package management 
system, give it a day or two before trying to 'fix' it. Most 
problems are caused by unsynced mirrors, and related problems. I 
came into the office, ran Smart, it found 7 packages to update, 
did that without complaint, and seems to be back to normal. I 
don't think it was just the Smart package itself being updated, 
because a different package that had been causing problems, both 
in Smart and Yumex, updated without issues, today (blas). I need 
to heed my own oft repeated advice ;-)

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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