Re: Much Challenge Getting F7 Installed

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On Fri, 8 Jun 2007, Kam Leo wrote:

On 6/8/07, Thompson Freeman <tfreeman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Warning - my bad, but replies to replies scattered
throughout, not concentrated at the end.

On 06/08/2007 11:27:35 AM, Mark Haney wrote:
> tom wrote:
>> Well, its been fun so far... NOT! I'd post a bug report,
>> but I don't think I can offer enough details to make it
>> worth the engineer's time to fool with. Perhaps bitching
>> here can improve my report to make it worth while.
<<snip for brevity>>
>> The first attempt, I went for an update rather than a
>> full install, using the full graphical installer. Things
>> went very well until installing the eighth package,
>> where it hit a wall and just sat there. I examined the
>> four virtual consoles and didn't find any obvious error
>> conditions, so what ever hit me, didn't lock up the
>> console.
> Okay, update from what to F7?  Anything other than FC6
> might cause that very problem, it's probably yum sitting
> there taking its pretty time, I've seen it happen before.

Thank you. I was afraid I'd omit that detail. The upgrade
was from FC6. As for yum sitting there taking it's own
sweet time, I claim a sitting time of 30 minutes hung/flat
against the wall/broken. Lacking a good error message that
is my personal standard, but I don't claim it to be the
correct one. YMMV of course.
<<snip again>>

Upgrades take lots of time especially with mininimum recommended RAM
(256MB)installed. Think 10+ hours if you had "everything" or its
equivalent installed. Try a clean install instead.

Ding! Ouch. I had thought I gave enough time to be sure things were not just thinking hard, but your comment might suggest otherwise. Oh well. Life is an adventure.

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