Re: heads up on ndiswrapper

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On 07.06.2007 01:09, Mark Haney wrote:
> Knute Johnson wrote:
>> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>>> On 06.06.2007 06:39, Knute Johnson wrote:
>>>> D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
>>>>> I don't use ndiswrapper on F7 (yet?).  I did set up Ubuntu on a
>>>>> notebook with ndiswrapper.
>>>>> I found that the then-current ndiswrapper version, 1.43, did not work.
>>>>> I then used the repository version, and that didn't work.  Then I let
>>>>> the author of ndiswrapper to log into my machine and he fixed the
>>>>> problem (I am truly grateful).  He then adopted those fixes (or
>>>>> perhaps something better).
>>>>> I would strongly recommend using 1.46 which has those fixes and
>>>>> others.  Especially if you have a multi-core CPU.  Read the
>>>>> description of the changes here:
>>>>> Livna seems to be distributing 1.43 in
>>>>> Is that what people are using?
>>>> I've got one USB network device that wouldn't work with 1.43 so I 
>>>> removed the Livna ndiswrapper and downloaded, compiled and installed 
>>>> 1.46.  That fixed the problems with the device.
>>> Does one of you two want to help maintaining the 1.46 version in livna?
>>> It has no proper maintainer currently.
>> Thorsten:
>> So what does it take to be a maintainer?   What would my duties be?

Just take care of the package; e.g. update the spec files when there is
a good reasons to, take care of bugs and similar things.

> I'll be glad to offer my services, especially in building RPMS for 
> different archs, since I have several I manage anyway.

Knowing the package guidelines for Fedora would be helpful.

I'd say you two guys do it together and take a look at the srpms; send
me patches for the spec file and I'll act as proxy to livna for now. If
everything works fine for some time you get access to svn, from which we
use plague and mock to build the packages (Fedora packagers get direct
access to livna btw).


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