Re: How to get the update notifications working on a installed Fedora KDE Live CD? + wireless problems + RHGB

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On 6/7/07, Mark <markg85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
yum-updatesd wasn`t installed for me.
i`m not sure about puplet.. i will check that livecd to know for sure

> Try using one of the vga=7xx settings in your grub.conf.

I tried that just a few minutes ago and it doesn`t seems to be working..
perhaps because i have widescreen? (1280x800)
does anyone know what the vga=??? code is for that resolution? i couldn`t
find it.

The closest you're going to get in VGA is 1280x768.

The objective of my suggestion is to find a mode such that RHGB will
function on your system. Try dropping down in resolution to 1024x768?
If none of this works you haven't lost much. After all, rhgb is only
on for a very short time.

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