Re: fedora customized for low-end systems?

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At 10:07 PM +0930 6/6/07, Tim wrote:
>Ralf Corsepius:
>>> Please define "low-end", "your home country" and "your target audience"
>>> and which implications this would have.
>Globe Trotter:
>> Low-end <= 128 MB memory. CPU <= 1.4 GHz.
>The memory requirement's a bit of a problem, 256 megs is a more
>practical low memory level, but I run slower CPUs than that.
>>> The question is: Why do you see a need to get around this at all?
>> Because Gnome and KDE seem to be too much of a bloat: often taking
>> five minutes to perform an operation, such as post-login.
>Not here, they don't.  Booting up takes mine about 1.5 minutes, and it'd
>be quicker if I didn't run a few services.  It's about 20 seconds more,
>post bootup, to the graphical system is up and running.  Again, that'd
>be quicker if I hadn't added a few things to the taskbar.
>     1. 1.5 minutes booting
>     2. logging in
>     3. 20 seconds later, I can do what I want in my account
>> I was referrring to something called as "Minimal (server) install.
>Being a "server" doesn't require any graphical user interface.  Gnome or
>KDE don't have to be on the system, at all.

Right.  He wants a small (server) install to which he can add X and some
small desktop (XFCE or Fluxbox).  He probably also wants the various
system-config-whatever tools without allowing them to pull in Gnome.  And
so on.

Is the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child <>
<>) effort useful here?  I see traffic about it on
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