Re: Boot temporarilly stalls on "Bringing up interface eth0"

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On 6/5/07, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dylan Semler wrote:
> Every time I boot my laptop the system freezes for while right when it
> says Bringing up interface eth0.  The mouse does not move and the little
> spinny boot-thingy in rhgb stops rotating.  After about a
> minute--sometimes longer--it continues to boot.  This is independent of
> whether or not I have an ethernet cable plugged in.  Has anyone else
> seen this?  I notice this on F7 only, it didn't happen with previous
> installations of Fedora.
> --
> Dylan
> Type faster.  Use Dvorak:

I had the problem with a pcmcia wireless card but after I booted up and
stopped the connection from coming up with boot, it worked fine. The
Wired connection works fine.

Did you consider to stop the interface from being started until the
system is booted?


As a seasoned Fedora user why do you need the rhgb eye-candy? Turn it
off when you need to troubleshoot boot problems.

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