Re: cpuspeed issue, present in Fedora Core 6 and in Fedora 7

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Christian Burger wrote on Tue, Jun 05 2007 at 11:29 (-0500):
> This issue has been plaguing me for a while.  I have an AMD x2 4400+ that
> keeps throttling down to it's slowest speed: 1000Mhz.  No matter the load or
> cpuspeed settings she will not throttle any higher.  After a complete power
> down and startup the speed will be at 2200Mhz but only for a seemingly
> random amount of time.  It's a Shuttle system SN95G5v3 with nforce3 250
> chipset.  I also get a lot of ACPI "can't turn cooling device 'on'" messages
> in dmesg.  I've googled for months now and can't find anything of relevance.
> Any suggestions?  

Sounds like your CPU is getting too hot or the system thinks so
("can't turn cooling device on").  I'd check both, that is 
- the temperature of your CPU (Is the fan running? Is the CPU hot?
  Maybe your BIOS can tell you the CPU temperature) and 
- if the cables to the fan control are connected correctly (polarity).



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