Re: network monitoring(look into converstation)

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yogesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 June 2007 11:10:40 yogesh banasdairy coop wrote:
>> > hi friends
>> >
>> > i ahev proxy server.and more than 15 pc are connected to proxy server.i
>> > want to monitoring the any activity that they will do.
>> > mainly i want to view /access chat data(yahoo,gmail etc chat)plus web
>> > access
>> >
>> > is there any tools for fedora cor3,4,5,6
>> >
> I wonder if that's ethical? Why do you need to access the chat data? Do you
> want to look into conversations?...
> ya i want to look into conversation

IMSpector is specifically designed to proxy instant message clients.  I know that it works for Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and MSN Messenger.  I use it on my personal firewall at home, and as a part of my "Building a Linux Based Firewall" document.

I believe the URL for is it

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