Re: Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

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Tim wrote:

> As I'd already commented the other day, DVD burners are around $90
> Australian, whether on-line, a computer wholesaler, a small computer
> shop, all about the same as each other, unless there's a special.  To
> save on doing currency conversions, that's around a days wages for a lot
> of people, just a bit under for those who get paid a bit better.  But,
> either way, it's not pocket money.  Even a simpler DVD-ROM might be
> around $60-70.
>> They don't do that where you are? Wherever that is. Again. Not my business.
> On-line costs are similar to buying from a shop, sometimes more
> expensive when you factor in postage and handling.

At least I have learned on thing from this thread.  Don't move to Australia.

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