Re: Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

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At 2:23 AM +0100 6/3/07, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> There are several choices here:
>> Use the Live CD images
>> Use the boot.iso/rescue.iso and do a network installation from
>> http/ftp/nfs
>> Use boot.iso/rescue.iso, put the DVD image in the hard disk in one
>> partition and install it another partition.
>There are several choices, I agree.
>(I am using one of them.)
>But this does not alter the fact that
>the decision to drop the CD installation set
>was completely incomprehensible, to me at least.
>You might as well put up a banner reading,
>"Don't install Fedora if you are a home user.
>Try Ubuntu instead."
>Surely the aim should be to make it as easy as possible
>for as many people as possible to install Fedora.
>It is not meant to be an obstacle race.

AIUI, the intent was to have (new) users install from a Live CD and use
Pirut to install "the rest" from the Internet.  I agree that such reasoning
is incomplete, as the Live CD can't do upgrades, yum upgrades are not
supported, and some machines with CD drives don't have a fast -- or any --
Internet connection.  While I think that omitting a full CD installer is a
mistake, I don't need it; I don't really even need to burn the DVD though I
do, as a hard disk install is faster and easier for me.  File a bug!
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