Re: Fedora 7: Finishing upgrade process. This may take a little while...

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Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> William Perkins writes:

>> sleep before terminating.  I think I may need to kill the upgrade
>> but I am hoping that one of these days the upgrade will finish.

> Yes, one day it'll finish.

>> I am wondering if this is normal when doing upgrades rather than
>> a fresh install.

> Yes. For the last two-three releases, upgrades sucked. I hate to harp on
> this, but large commercial customers do NOT do upgrades. They typically
> either take a pristine RHEL installation image, or roll a company-specific
> standard RHEL build. In either case, they just do a fresh install. The
> server mounts all of its data over the network, the only thing on its
> local disk is the OS. Because none of the data is hosted locally on each
> server, and servers typically mount all data over the network, this
> results in a turnkey installation process, for both new servers and
> upgrades.

> Because large commercial customers don't care much for it, the upgrade
> process is not much of a priority, as far as the development effort
> goes.

That is too bad.  That upgrade process save me a lot of grief when I move
Fedora systems to new versions of the distribution.

>                  The latter takes so long to get the system back to the
> original configuration.  Any suggestions?

> Yeah.  Go out for dinner.  Maybe it'll be done by the time you come
> back.  You would've had a nice meal, and would not have had to stare at
> the monitor, all this time.

And that is just what I did: went to dinner.  When I got back to the
system, it had just started setting up the bootloader before telling me to

Total time to upgrade: ~10 hours.  1016 files were updated in the Fedora 7
upgrade process.  I have two more systems to do.  I think I will do both
of them over-night tonight.  We shall see how long they take!


William M. Perkins                   E-mail - wmp@xxxxxxxxxxx
The Greenwood                        UNIX Systems Administration
Reston, Virginia                     (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX)

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