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On 5/31/07, Rex Dieter <[email protected]> wrote:
ne... wrote:

> Has anyone got any idea where kdeedu & kdegames are for FC7? I cannot
> seem to find them on the dvd. And while I am asking questions, why is
> it that when I specifically deselect GNOME, I still have to go thru
> all the options to deselect GNOME stuff and find out after the install
> that I still have remnants of nautilus hanging around? Considering
> that k3b is the KDE app for burning images, are we going to get that
> as well? It is also not on the dvd. Also missing is kdewebdev.

Haven't tried the usual/default iso (been using the kde livecd mostly
myself), but...

kdeedu is/should-be in both the 'education' and 'kde-desktop' groups
kdegames is/should-be in both the 'games' and 'kde-desktop' groups
k3b is/should-be in 'sound-and-video' and 'kde-desktop'
kdewebdev is/should-be in 'graphical-internet'

-- Rex

They're not on the install DVD. You will have to install from the network.

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