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Scott Berry wrote:
I am sorry to post this here but I can't seem to get on the Apache's user mailing list. I am having trouble getting apache to start. The syntax is okay but I have some dns assignments through which I would like to use for Apache and I am having trouble with Apache starting these. My config file httpd.conf will be attached. If anyone can help me to get this to work I would surely appreciate it.

Hi Scott,

In order to eliminate network/firewall/dns issues you may want to set your ServerName to localhost and your Listen directive to in your httpd.conf. Make sure you are accepting connections to localhost port 80 or just turn off iptables/ip6tables (make sure you are not connected to the internet). You may also be having policy issues with selinux so you may want to set it to permissive or disabled.

Without making any other changes to the config file you should be able to see the Fedora/Apache splash page and the manual itself should be accessable at http://localhost/manual.

Once that is done and you verify that it is working you can start bringing up the other services one at a time.

Hope that is helpful,

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