Re: nVidia or software RAID 5?

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On 5/22/07, Gilboa Davara <gilboad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Unlike the nVidia RAID, Linux' software RAID:
A. ... can use partition instead of full drives (In your case: 5x300GB
in RAID5/md0 and 4x200GB in RAID/md1)
B. ... can be moved to a different. Just connect the driver to a new
machine, no matter which SATA controller is being used, and it'll work
out of the box.
C. ... scales much better, as the CPU power increases.

Not really since nvidia RAID is driver-based you're using the Linux software RAID implementation regardless of the way you configure it. The only difference is the on-disk format (and the fact the BIOS can boot from the nvidia format, but not the Linux-native format) and that the Linux format is a bit more flexible.
I'm not sure, but I suppose the Linux software RAID driver should be able to mount the nvidia format, even when the controller in use is not nvidia-based.

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