Disc Crash

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Oh, no - you may say - not again ...

My FC4 system disc (under LVM) had a glitch overnight.  It had enough
intelligence to reboot and run fsck which cleaned the disc but left it

One new system disc later, with FC6.  I really need to mount the old
/home in order to get user profiles and so on, if it is sane enough.
But because it isn't a simple partition, 'mount' won't touch it.  How
do I get it to mount ?  I know the VG is still there because 'vgdisplay'
shows it on /dev/hdb2, but - being a system disc - it has the same
name and contents VG00/LV00 as the current (new) system disc on /dev/hda2.
Is this simply a name clash or is there something else I can fix ?


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