Re: scons for fc5 question

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Tom Poe wrote:
Peter Gordon wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:
You raised a good point. When I run yum search *scons* on FC5, there is
no scons-devel.
You probably need to enable=1 the development repo.

I'd wager otherwise. ;) The development repo is for people testing the next
release of Fedora (in this case, testers of the F7 tree).

scons probably has no scons-devel package for the reason that it is inherently meant to be used for building/developing applications, and thus *is* its own
development package.

Hope that helps.
That makes sense to me. But then, I can't grasp the concept to begin with. :)

Fc6 has a -devel package, FC5 does not.

# yum install scons

Will do fine for FC5.

Good luck!

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