Re: yum dis-upgrade from FC4 to FC6?

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On Mon, 21 May 2007, Deboo ^ wrote:

A friend somehow configured yum for me and it's working but extremely
slow. What I did not like of yum is that for any command, it takes
long and goes and checks on the site for something I don't know what.
Can't it use a cache like apt?

Also is it possible to do a dist-uppgrade from FC4 to FC6 like the
dist-upgrade in Debian? Or do I need to install from scratch, FC6?

You can do an upgrade from one version to another, however I have had only ever 1 succeed with RH/Fedora, the others I or anyone else I know whos tried has had serious problems, so much so this desktop runs FC1, because it has too much on here that fails upgrades, so I've restored from backups and just left it, I wouldnt even try a dist upgrade on it now since most the packages have been removed and made current from true sources.

Every slackware system upgrades perfectly, even did a slack 7 to 11 without dramas, and i've heard debian is ok as well at dist-upgrades so that probably means ubuntu as well.

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