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On Wednesday 2007-05-16 21:43:12 Frank Cox wrote:
> I am setting up a customized application server for a business in the USA and
> am at my wits end with Qwest Communications.
> IP Address is what he was assigned by Qwest, good.
> Subnet, good.
> Gateway ---- ?!?!?!
> Can any of you offer any insight?  The whole thing is an Alice in Wonderland
> thing as far as I can see, and the further I go down this rabbit hole the less
> sense it seems to make.  I don't see how those settings on his Windows computer
> can work, and I don't see how the tracert results that he got can be possible
> either.  But it does, and it did.

ip link set up dev eth0
ip address add your_real_ip_here peer
ip route add default via
ip route flush cache

and you are done. Have no idea if this can be done with ifcfg-eth0 (not AFAIK).
you can however give no IP/MASK in yout ifcfg-eth0 and add these (withot
the first one) in /etc/rc.d/rc.local for example.

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