Re: How to make a batch file to start program and close the oldwindow?

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Arch Willingham wrote:
I tried that. After I did it, when you dbl click on the file, you see a screen flash by very quickly and then it disappears. I looked at the running processes and rdesktop is not running a running process (I'm from the Windows world and what I just typed may be barking up the wrong tree...I just took a SWAG and assumed if it was running t=in the background I would still see rdesktop running but Linux may not work that way).

The problem is that you are in the same process group and get killed by a signal when your parent shell exits. 'nohup' takes care of an assortment of things that need to keep working. Try

nohup command  &

The 'nohup' redirects output to a file and starts a new process group, the '&' lets the shell continue instead of waiting, and the 'exit' should close the shell window.

  Les Mikesell

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