Re: gaming notebook recommendations?

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Perhaps little off topic but i am curious to know what kind of 3D games
you plan to play on Linux natively?


Neal Becker wrote:
> I'm looking for suggestions for a fedora-friendly gaming notebook.
> I'd like:
> * 3d graphics (beryl support)
> * 17" with some decent resolution (> 1280x1024)
> * 64bit
> * wireless that actually works
> * 7200rpm sata
> I intend to run fc7.
> So far, I found dell xps series that looks pretty good.
> Question: I know if I go with nvidia option I can have decent 3d, but need
> to use proprietary driver.  The other option is intel graphics.  Anyone
> know if this works well on Fedora, and if beryl works on this?
> Price is pretty high.  Any other suggestions?

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