Re: HAL is adding extra printers to my printer list. It's driving me nuts.

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Just adding some additional printing exploits, in case anybody is

On Sat, 2007-05-12 at 00:50 -0400, William Case wrote:
> Hi;  with particular attention to Tim Waugh,
> This was a sub-problem I had with my printer problem a week or two ago.
> Tim asked if I would work with him on fixing it.  At that time I had got
> my printer working and removed the extra (shadow) printer and so
> couldn't be of much help.  
> The shadow has returned.
> More precisely: psc_1310_series_  
> Device URI [hp:/usb/psc_1310_series?serial=CN45PB613FO2] has been added
> to my list of printers by HAL, or something, at boot up.
> My originally designated and still existing printer is:
> psc-1315 
> Device URI [usb://hp/psc%201310%20series?serial=CN45PB613FO2]
> marked also as default.  When selected in applications this actually
> prints things.
psc-1315 no longer prints.  All the printing (as of this Monday morning)
can now only be done through psc_1310_series_.  I tested several
applications and the print test page before posting.  Why?  Saturday
psc_1310_series_ wouldn't print anything.

No new downloads; no reboots since the original post.  Isn't
"psc_1310_series_" and "psc_1315" just a name or alias for the same
printer.  Why is HAL using Device URI
while Fedora printer-config gui uses Device URI 

And, is that the difference?  Why would things change?  Household

I thought we had gotten rid of the HAL reconfiguring the printer over a
month or two ago??

> Both printer designations now appear in all my applications.  The shadow
> appeared after I had stopped and restart hplip, unplugged and plugged in
> my printer and rebooted.  I was attempting to get hp-toolbox to find my
> printer. It did, but used the psc_1310_series_.  This printer cannot
> print the 'test page'.
> It probably can't print, because as we found out in an earlier exchange
> over printer problems, when this shadow printer appears, it is not a
> real printer.
> And, if I remember correctly, some confusion is being caused by the
> trailing '_' in its name.
> So, HP-toolbox gives me info about psc_1310_series_; HAL adds
> psc_1310_series_;
> but psc-1315 prints stuff.
> I would love to hear how to sort this out.
> -- 
> Regards Bill
Regards Bill

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