Re: gaming notebook recommendations?

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Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
Em Sex 11 Mai 2007, Jim van Wel escreveu:
Hi there,

But then you can fallback on the older binary code? But you are right, they
drop some older hardware. But then again, what is the best than for
laptops? Ati? Intel? You tell me ;).

ATI has the same problems as nvidia, but their drivers are considerably worst, in my opinion. I find that even their windows drivers are problematic. I, for one, stand with the intel video chipsets if I'm going to buy a notebook. I'm satisfied with the hardware and the drivers, but I'm not a gamer. nvidia 3D performance is of course much better, but then you have to live with the proprietary drivers. I don't consider using ATI with Linux, but that's just me.



Jim van Wel writes:
about this, but don't know where anymore. But if you want a good laptop,
with a good video card, stick with Nvidia. It's really good supported
proprietary driver.
… today.  What's going to happen tomorrow, is anyone's guess.  In case
you're not aware of it, Nvidia's current binary blob does not support
some of their older hardware.  Whenever Nvidia decides that you should
buy their
new hardware, they'll just stop supporting your model.  They have done it
before, they'll do it again.  Then, the next time there is a
significantly-enough kernel ABI chance that their shim stub can't deal
you're boned.

When that happens, and you (not you specifically, just saying this in
general) come shedding tears, it won't be easy for me to feel any
sympathy for you.

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I have a Toshiba laptop and it is great for games, even in 3D. Nvidia graphics chip in it. No issues but it is a few years old.

I had ATI on a new desktop and never go 3D running. Changed the video to nVidia and was up and running in 3D in minutes.

Intel provides drivers for Linux but I don't know how good there chips are.

ATI is announcing that they have to fix their OSS drivers.

My biggest issue has been getting the DVD to work properly as there were no BIOS settings to change and I had to play with the grub/module settings to get it to work properly.

Now after a year, I have to play with the wireless to keep the wife happy. :)
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