Re: FC6 install : DVD boots but Anaconda never starts

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On 5/9/07, Ada Ho <ada_ho2003@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am attempting to install Linux on a new machine.

I boot the Linux (FC6) DVD.

Vliminuz boots, and gives the : Command prompt.

No matter what "linux <argument>" command I give, the response is the same.

I have tried "linux rescue", "linux noprobe", "linux nomraid", as well as
all of the optional arguments that are listed by the F2 key. After entering
"linux <argument>" or simply waiting, I see a list of hardware drivers,
followed by the access of

Three appropriate drivers for this machine. Then the screen goes blue with
the text:

<Welcome to Fedora Core>

(and at the bottom of the screen)

"<TAB /Alt-Tab> between elements | <Space> select | F12 next screen"

Anaconda never runs, and the only response to the keyboard is to reboot to

Other than that, this system is dead until you reboot.

Everything works fine when I am running XP. I have never had any problems
with the DVD/RW

Except when I try to install FC6.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? IN all my worldly ignorance, I do not

Is it the chipset? Is it the way the drives are configured in BIOS? Is it
that FC6 does have the

Proper drivers?

Here are the gory details of the system specs of the machine:

Motherboard:     ASUS P5WD2

Chipset:            955X

Hd:       Seagate    ST3250824AS

Video:  GeForce 6600

DVD/ CD Rom Drives  Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A

                                       Sony DVD ROM DDU1615

DE ATA/ ATAPI controllers

                                                Intel 82801
GB Serial ATA Storage Controller 27C0

                                                Intel 82801
GB Ultra ATA Storage Controller 27DF

IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers

Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller

Processors:       Two Pentium D 3.00 GhZ

The BIOS configuration is such that:

            First boot device: Sonly DVD RW DV-Q120A

            Second boot defince: PM-ST205082AS (the Seagate hd)

            BIOS setup is :

            Primary IDE Master – ST20582AS (Seagate hd)

            No primary slave

            Secondary IDE Master – no secondary

            Secondary IDE Slave – no secondary

            Third IDE Master – DVD RW DV-Q120A

            Third IDE Slave – Sony DVD Rom DDU 16

            Configure SATA as standard (AHCI and RAID not selected)

Onboard IDE Operatational Mode: Enhanced Mode (Compatible mode, enhanced
mode not selected)

Enhanced Mode Support on [S+ATA+P-ATA]

            (S-ATA and P-ATA not selected)

Try moving your CD/DVD drives to the 2nd IDE channel.

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