Re: Upgrading Red Hat 9 to Core 1--where's the software?

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Dwight Johnson wrote:

> I am upgrading from Red Hat to Fedora.
> I am running Red Hat 9 Linux on a 1999 Penguin with a 10Gb hard drive,
> dual Pentium 500mHz central processors, 256Mb memory storage, HP9100 CD
> Writer, ViewSonic 15" monitor, Keytronic keyboard, Logitech three-button
> mouse and Ecrix VXA-1 DAT tape drive.
> Is there anything in Core 6 that would not like my computer? Is it
> possible I would be happier at a lower Core?

No.  But, as with any OS, if you are going to run in graphic mode you'd be
happier with performance if you had 512Mb of memory.

I have no idea if "you" would be happier with a lower core...but I know I
wouldn't.  The lower FC (Fedora Core) are no longer supported and don't get
security updates.  Also, the earlier ones have the 2.4 kernel as opposed to
the 2.6.

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