Re: fc7 test4 to F7 General Availability.

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Kam Leo wrote:
On 5/9/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
gary artim wrote:

> does this mean I could use the fc7-ga dvd to upgrade. sounds like
> you are talking about changing the yum repo's to allow for the update,
> am I correct?

Yes. That's correct.

> will report any issues!



I don't want to put cold water on Rahul's recommendation; however, you
should reconsider going this route. Although both are rpm based
distributions there a few differences between SuSE/openSUSE and Fedora
which cause headaches in the upgrade process.

Umm. The OP didn't talk about openSUSE at all. Why did you bring that into the discussion?


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