Re: Unable to access resume device (LABEL=SWAP-hdc3) and suspend/resume woes

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On 5/5/07, Mick Mearns <off_by_1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

--- Mick Mearns <off_by_1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I always remove the disk labels and edit /etc/fstab to reflect this.
#fdisk -l

Thanks, yeah getting rid of the label in fstab and using /dev/hda3 instead, then using a new initrd with mkinitrd seems to have gotten rid of that message at boot-up.  Unfortunately hibernate/sleep still acts the same.

To find out if the disk is labelled and what:
#e2label /dev/hda1

To blank it out:
#e2label /dev/hda1 "" (that's empty quotes.)

hmm.. there seems to be a problem running this on my swap partition:
e2label /dev/hda3
e2label: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/hda3
Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.

Perhaps because this is a swap partition and not formatted ext2/3?

Thanks for the help.


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