Re: dump/restore (or "star") and SELinux problems

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On 2007-05-04, 20:05 GMT, Peter Smith wrote:
> Kayvan, did you ever look at using resize2fs?  I successfully 
> used this recently on a Redhat AS 5 system (with SELinux.)  
> I even used the rescue-cd mode of the AS 5 disk.  While 
> I understand that dump and/or star were giving you trouble, and 
> you wanted to migrate the FS to LVM, I think you could have 
> gotten the intended results by using resize2fs.

It worked pretty well for me until today -- you should be very 
careful to make partition (with LVM or whatever) slightly bigger 
than the filesystem on it. Just to be scrooge I made LVM logical 
volume of the same number of 4k blocks as filesystem, and ...  
there is still yum upgrade running on my system, recovering it to 
at least slightly similar configuration as it was this morning 
;-) (it was root partition I was resizing).

Oh well,


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