Re: Home Lan with D-Link DI-604

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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
The results show that you do not get an IP address for sempron. So
when sempron tries to mount the NFS share, it is an unknown machine,
and does not have permission to mount. I would try ether putting an
entry for sempron in /etc/hosts, or editing /etc/exports and
replacing sempron with the proper IP address.

What you may want to do, if you are using DHCP on the D-link router,
is to assign fixed IP addresses to the machines using the MAC
address of the machines. I have had good luck doing this in the
past. The other thing that works well if you have a Linux box
running 24/7 is to put the DHCP server on it, as well as a local
name server, and let all the machines on the network use its name
server. There are some nice packages like dnsmasq that combine a
caching name server and a DHCP server into one package, and update
the name server to reflect DHCP leases.


Hi Mikkel!
Your idea seems the best, but the router assigns the same address for both machines (I do not know how). I will have to talk to the ISP that owns the router and ask them to do it.
I will let you know their answer.
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