Re: Home Lan with D-Link DI-604

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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Carlos Alberto Alves wrote:
Hi people!
I would like to see your opinion on this matter. I am running a home lan
with two computers, one ASUS MB K8-VX SE and another K8-VX, both onboard
lan, FC6 and a radio connection with a D-Link DI-604 broadband ethernet
router. Both computers can access internet at the same time smoothly,
but they cannot see each other's shared folders. NETFS, Network, NFS,
NFSLOCK and PORTMAP services are all up and running. Even if I disable
guarddog firewall on both computers, I still cannot see shared folders.
Any hints on how to setup NFS???

What does /etc/exports look like?


Hi Mikkel!
Here you are:

1- /etc/exports
/home/carlos	sempron(ro)
/home/download	sempron(ro)

2- /etc/hosts	localhost.localdomain	localhost	k6	k6	localhost.localdomain	localhost

3- /etc/hosts.allow
portmap: sempron
lockd: sempron
mountd: sempron
rquotad: sempron
statd: sempron
cupsd: ALL

4- /etc/hosts.deny
lockd: ALL
mountd: ALL
rquotad: ALL
statd: ALL

This setup worked fine in a peer-to-peer network.
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