Re: MAC Safari browser vs. Firefox on FC6

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Jeff G:
>>> The problem is that the camera uses and OCX in the web page it spits
>>> out, and that OCX is needed to work properly.

>> A Firefox problem then.  Does it work with Firefox on those other OSs
>> you mentioned, or with a different browser?
>> You probably need to look into some Windows-like add-ons for Firefox.

Scott van Looy:
> the OP is probably confused by the thing. The OCX will talk to the 
> software driver, it's probably that that's missing.
> If we knew which webcam it was, perhaps we could sort it out...

Their first post said it was a D-Link 950G internet camera.  Those
things work as their own webserver, and you view them in your
webbrowser.  Unfortunately, it's typical for some of these things to
only work in MSIE, because they serve pages that use goofy scripting or
goofy Java, when they could have done their trick in a far more
compatible manner.

The specs say it requires ActiveX (see below page address), though it
might be possible to directly ask for a JPEG instead of browsing a page
from the camera.  I saw less than stellar reviews of it in an Amazon


I've a client who wants to do something similar, put cameras around his
place, and have me keep an eye on things (amongst others).  But I'm
damned if I'm going to dirty my PC with Windows just to check on them.
I hadn't come across one that he could afford that didn't require
Windows, or an awful lot of tomfoolery to pretend that you're using MSIE
on it.  He wanted something that could be wired directly to a modem, and
not need a computer running locally.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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