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El Jueves, 26 de Abril de 2007 23:17, Marko Vojinovic escribió:
> On Thursday 26 April 2007 20:43, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > According to the 'man', one should be able to toggle the mplayer size
> > with command-1,2,3,4 and achieve fullscreen with command-f. Assuming
> > that 'command' is the Ctrl key, then Ctrl-F does in fact make the
> > player window full screen, however the video stays the same size.
> > Thus, I have a mostly-black screen. Ctlr-1,2,3,4 do nothing, however.
> >
> > Am I assuming incorrectly? Neither the Tux key nor the Alt key modify
> > the window when pressed with F, thus I assume that the command key is
> > Ctrl.
> In mplayer man page I can find the following:
> (The  following  keys are valid only when using the quartz video output
> driver.)
>                  option + 0
>                       Resize movie window to half its original size.
>                  option + 1
>                       Resize movie window to its original size.
>                  option + 2
>                       Resize movie window to double its original size.
>                  option + f
>                       Toggle fullscreen (also see -fs).
> Are you reffering to this? (Maybe you have different version of mplayer,
> mine is 1.0rc1-4.0.1 hand-compiled). If so, in order to have this working
> you should use the appropriate driver, if you have it (I guess the option
> is "-vo quartz", never used it).
> But regardless to that, by pressing f during playback or with option "-fs"
> it should go fullscreen. If it doesn't enlarge the image and just adds
> black bands around the image, then I guess the problem is video driver (at
> least it was on my machine).
> To see supported video drivers, do
> $ mplayer -vo help
> Among several of them, "xv" should be there. It is the default video
> driver, and should work. To verify, do
> $ mplayer -vo xv somefile.avi
> If it complains, xv does not work. The issues for that can be various, it
> happened to me when I installed nvidia-legacy drivers from Livna. However,
> I do not recall ATM what I did to repair this. At the time, I was
> experimenting a lot trying to get beryl to work with my nvidia card, and in
> the process broke a lot of things, including mplayer.
> Tomorrow when I get to the office I will maybe be able to remember, and
> post it.
> HTH, :-)
> Marko

Office =! watching videos!! ;-)

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

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