Re: Xine-lib=1.1.5 dependency -- now what do I do ??

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On 4/23/07, William Case <billlinux@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yum returns that before I can upgrade Xine I need Xine-lib=1.1.5 as a
dependency.  I have never seen anything written as Xine-lib=1.1.5 (with
the = sign) before.  However imaginatively write a yum install command
using  Xine-lib=1.1.5, with and without the livna repo, I can get no joy
from yum.

Now what do I do?

By the way is yumex ever going to produce a help manual?

I show xine-lib-1.1.6-1.fc6 on my system. What repositories do you
have enabled?

Regards Bill

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