GDM not properly configured

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	I don't think that gdm is properly configured,  but solutions to
similar problems found in these archives suggest that the configuration
is basically right, but it doesn't funcion like other FC6 installs.
Perhaps someone could help?

	An install of FC6 defaulted to text mode due to the old graphics card,
but the display and graphical apps are all functioning fine.  FC6 boots
into runlevel 3, after logging in as any user startx brings up Gnome.
As root from a terminal gdm brings up the graphical login screen.  The
question is: Why not automatically as part of the (re)boot process?

	The last lines of /etc/inittab are:
# Run xdm in runlevel 5
x:5:once:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon

The /etc/sysconfig/desktop file is empty, as it is on another FC6 box,
where I can switch sessions between Gnome and KDE.  There is
no /etc/X11/dm/Session directory on either box.

	Our 5 year old has learnt to login at the console and startx and exit
when finished, but it would be nice to have it working as it should.
Any suggestions?

Simon Slater

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