Re: weird removable media behavior

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Modified, or added a local rule set.   (Or had an extra rule set
left from an upgrade...)

This was a fresh install (formated the disk).

These rules just set permissions. There are other rules as well.

# Persistent block device stuff:
KERNEL=="sd*[!0-9]|sr*", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="",
IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/usb_id -x"

And all the SCSI device rules as well. Because USB storage devices
are handled as SCSI devices.

Here are all of the sd* lines from the # by-id section (the only other
lines are hd*):
KERNEL=="sd*[!0-9]|sr*", SYSFS{ieee1394_id}=="*",
ENV{ID_SERIAL}="$sysfs{ieee1394_id}", ENV{ID_BUS}="ieee1394"
KERNEL=="sd*[!0-9]|sr*", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="",
IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/usb_id -x"
KERNEL=="sd*[!0-9]|sr*", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="",
IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -x -s %p -d $tempnode"
KERNEL=="sd*[!0-9]|sr*", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="",
IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -x -a -s %p -d $tempnode"
KERNEL=="dasd*[!0-9]", IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/dasd_id --export
KERNEL=="sd*[!0-9]|sr*|dasd*[!0-9]", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="?*",

There are some other sections:
# for partitions import parent information
KERNEL=="sd*[0-9]|dasd*[0-9]", IMPORT{parent}=="ID_*"
KERNEL=="sd*[0-9]|dasd*[0-9]", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="?*",

# by-path (shortest physical path)
KERNEL=="*[!0-9]|sr*", ENV{ID_TYPE}=="?*",
IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/path_id %p",
KERNEL=="sr*", GOTO="persistent_end"
KERNEL=="*[0-9]", IMPORT{parent}=="ID_*"
KERNEL=="*[0-9]", ENV{ID_PATH}=="?*",

# by-label/by-uuid (filesystem properties)
KERNEL=="*[!0-9]", SYSFS{removable}=="1", GOTO="persistent_end"
IMPORT{program}="/lib/udev/vol_id --export $tempnode"
ENV{ID_FS_UUID}=="?*", SYMLINK+="disk/by-uuid/$env{ID_FS_UUID}"
ENV{ID_FS_LABEL_SAFE}=="?*", SYMLINK+="disk/by-label/$env{ID_FS_LABEL_SAFE}"

Then post the logs for this. From there, we will hopefully have
enough information to post a good bug report.

That's a LOT for a maillist - here's a link to it (on my webspace):

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