Re: pc always hang about 2-5s

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On 4/20/07, apizz <[email protected]> wrote:
(WW) No monitor specified for screen "Screen0".
        Using a default monitor configuration.

(WW) The core pointer device wasn't specified explicitly in the layout.
        Using the default mouse configuration.

(WW) NVIDIA(0): No modes were requested; the default mode
(WW) NVIDIA(0):     will be used as the requested mode.

(WW) <default pointer>: No Device specified, looking for one...

that's what i found at Xorg.log

im google for Samsung Syncmaster 740n.. but didnt found any config for it..

for nvidia 6100.. im using livna driver instead of nvidia official driver..

for the Xorg.log.. do u have any solution for it?

On 4/19/07, Tod Merley <[email protected]> wrote:
> On 4/18/07, apizz <[email protected]> wrote:
> > First of all.. this is my pc spec
> >
> > nvidia 6100 - onboard
> > 512mb ddr2 ram
> > amd64 x2 am2 3600++
> >
> > Fedora Core 6
> >
> > the problems is.. my pc always hang although im just open mozilla +
> > desktop stuck and just mouse pointer work
> >
> > on mozilla... even if i scroll down/up.. my pc hang..
> >
> > im noticed about adding extra line in menu.lst which is pci=nommconf
> > idle=pool for nvidia driver to work with dual core processor..
> >
> > so.. any cmd to type in terminal to provide more sufficient info for u
> > finding solution?
> >
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> Hi  apizz!
> Step zero, try a ctl+alt+F1 when the machine is "hung" and see if you
> obtain a console login prompt (X-less console session).  You should
> have one running available by ctl+alt+(F1 to F6).  If memory serves F7
> returns you to your X session and F8 yeilds the console screen just
> before your X session started.
> Step one, go to /var/log and look at Xorg0.log, syslog, dmesg, and any
> others that appear to be related to the areas that may well effect
> this.  Look for warnings (WW) and errors (EE).
> Step two, google your specific hardware along with the word "linux"
> and then "FC 6" adding and subtracting words to move toward relavence.
> Google is powerful and has some very good search tools.  It is one of
> your best friends when troubleshooting Linux of any flavor.
> Good Hunting!
> Tod
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Hi again apizz!

Probably this is not an X server related problem (X serves keyboard,
video, mouse, and audio to "client" programs such as your desktop or
any programs run therein).

If you are able to pull a terminal (ctl+alt+F1) then running top might
well show who is taking all the processor time.

I have seen this sort of thing when ndiswrapper is used to wrap a
supplied wireless driver.  Usually the problem is that the driver is
stack hungry and litterally pushes the stack into other used realms.
If so, you would need to compile the kernel using a larger stack size.

At this point, however, we really have no idea where the problem comes
from.  Probably it is best to take out a notebook and try several
things.  For example, does the computer hang only when trying to use
network related programs (chat, browsers)?  Do other programs, such as
word processors and spreadsheets work fine?  Do other browsers work
better (try firefox, perhaps opera).  What happens if you put in a
Knoppix live CD and try to do the same things, work better?

Good Hunting!


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