Re: any chance of a F7 spin using xfce?

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>> If a GUI environment can automount a flashdrive, for example, then the
>> same behaviour should happen in the CLI environment, unless configured
>> to work otherwise.

Rahul Sundaram:
> I am not sure server administrators really want flash drives to auto 
> mount.

Servers and CLI only users aren't the same thing.  It ought to be
*possible* to auto mount in the command line enviroment.  It also ought
to be configurable whether it does or not.

> In some cases that is a serious security issue which is why Policy Kit
> is now in Fedora.
> You can use something like gnome-mount from the command line or it is 
> possible to write a wrapper around HAL which does the same thing. 
> Atleast David Zeuthen (Primary HAL developer) welcomed folks to submit 
> such a thing.

That's not "auto" mounting, though, is it?  That's manual mounting in
another way.

fstab was hard enough for some people to figure out what should put into
it.  HAL rules are far worse to comprehend.  I haven't yet formed an
opinion on gnome-mount, but my quick look at how to use it didn't
inspire me.  I left it to sort out some other time.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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