Re: Claws-Mail: a fantastic mail client

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On 4/18/07, Strong <strong_yethumble@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 17:41:43 -0400 Jorge Luis Gonzalez <lists@xxxxxxxx>
> Claws Mail client.  It's an extended version of
> Sylpheed, I think, and is the only graphical (Gtk) mail program I've
> found that comes anywhere near to Mutt.
> Unlike Evolution, it does only one thing, but it does that one
> thing--mail handling--very, very well indeed.

I too like and use Claws Mail, yet encountered that it does not
download/upload attachments that are close or bigger than 1 Mb for me...
So that I have to go to the mail server web interface and it
manually... :(

I am curious . I have been looking for an alternative to thunderbird,  but there is a feature in thunderbird that I have not been able to satisfactorily reproduce in any other email client "Grouped By Sort G".  For those not familiar with this it groups email in the mail box into mail received since midnight, the previous day, the previous week the last two weeks and older mail. Each group is collapsible.  You can fudge something like this in Evolution with virtual folders and filters - but it is no where near as convenient.  Does claws provide this feature?

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