Re: Using Badram/Badmem in Fedora 6 or 7?

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On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 14:50:19 PM +0100, Alan Cox
([email protected]) wrote:

> > No chance that you can return the memory or the computer under consumer
> > protection laws, I suppose?

Not in this case, unfortunately.
> If not then take that stick of RAM out, clean the contacts carefully

OK, I'll try but I'm still interested in the general issue.

> badram is obsolete. Use
> 				memmap=size$address
> to mark a block as reserved (eg memmap=64K$2G) to reserve the 64K at
> 2Gbyte. See the memmap option in kernel-parameters.txt in the kernel
> Documentation directory

OK, great. One thing I don't see in that page is how to get size and
address values from memtest86 output. Must they be obtained with some
special memtest86 parameter, or recalculated from some other data?
Also, is it possible to pass that option multiple times:

memmap=size1$address1, memmap=size2$address2


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