Re: NetworkManager ipw3945 resume problem

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Steve Siegfried wrote:
> Is ipw3945 supported in FC6 or did you have to add the stuff from
> Intel by hand?

It's not supported.  You can grab rpm's from a few places.  ATrpms
provides them (thanks Axel!) as does FreshRPMS (thanks Matthias!).
The ATrpms are binary kmdl rpms.  The FreshRPMS use dkms[1] so if you
boot a new kernel, the driver will build automatically for that

The ipw3945 driver is being replaced with the iwlwifi driver[2], which
will hopefully end up in the kernel proper.  For F7, the driver is
included, as well as the firmware.  From reading fedora-devel, it
seems to work reasonably for some and not for others.  (I haven't
tried it myself, yet.)



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