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On 4/7/07, Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Kam Leo <kam.leo <at>> writes:
> > apt-rpm actually supports yum repomd repositories now. If you look closer
> > at the default sources.list.d entries, you'll notice that they're all
> > repomd repositories. You just have to add a line to sources.list or to a
> > new file in sources.list.d for planetccrma to get it to work with current
> > apt-rpm.
> Get a head start by installing from Extras fedora-package-config-apt or

That's actually what I mean by "the default sources.list.d entries". But these
only have entries for the Fedora repositories (and even there, the master
server, not the mirrors you should use), not third-party repositories,

You have to admit the packagers are even handed. There are no
favorites. Yum mirrors also get the same treatment.

By the way, being geographically close does not a fast or reliable
mirror make. Been there with the mirrorslist.

        Kevin Kofler

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