Re: Mythtv using twinhan bt878 of FC6

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.. gave me his twinham bt878 DVB card but I keep running into problems
can someone help.

First off Myth says can not open card.
I checked /dev/video0 but ths does not exists. /dev/dvb does though
I have ran #modprobe -v dvb-bt8xx


Mar 31 23:13:34 localhost kernel: DVB: registering frontend 0 (DST DVB-T)...

It's a dvb card, which usually 'talk' through /dev/dvb/adapter0...
Does this card need any firmware...Does not look like it as dmesg reports the registration. First, are you sure that some other program has not attempted to grab the card? You might try blacklisting ALL of the dvb-bt8xx related modules, and just loading the one, after a normal boot. That way nothing else can grab the card. Second, are you selecting the right kind of card in mythtv-setup card setup? Try going through a selecting each type in order...those combinations which are wrong, myth will reject: "cannot open card".
I suspect that that is your most likely problem.
You might try the mythtv wiki
or search the mythtv user list archives at


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