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Tim wrote:
Once you set up zone records on a machine, it'll use them instead of
trying externally, as it already has an answer for queries (even if its
a null answer).  I do this for advert busting.  I have a series of
configuration entries for annoying domain names that'll return null
answers for the network.  That gets rid of various web browsing
annoyances, centrally.

I added a series of lines like the following to my lan.conf file:

zone ""             { type master; file  ""; };
zone ""            { type master; file  ""; };
zone ""               { type master; file  ""; };
zone ""          { type master; file  ""; };
zone ""         { type master; file  ""; };

Which causes any queries for those domains to get *MY* answer, not the
one from their real master servers.  The "" file as as follows,
it produces a "no answer" result, causing instant death for the attempt
to browse to it.

$TTL 86400
@       IN      SOA     ns.localdomain.  hostmaster.mail.localdomain. (
                        200 ; serial
                        28800 ; refresh
                        7200 ; retry
                        604800 ; expire
                        86400 ; ttl

        IN      NS      ns.localdomain.

And that's the whole thing, there's no further entries in it.  It works
better than wildcarding, or playing with hosts files, as that directs
queries to somewhere else, rather than aborting them.

The same applies if you provide real answers for a domain.  They'll be
used, instead of going out on the internet to get the records.
I don't find a "lan.conf" file but I do have the following. Which one,
if any, can I operate on to eliminate the loading of those darned
links? My satellite connection has an inherent delay and waiting for
six or eight ad links to be dealt with that I never view is maddening!
The caching-nameserver works well enough once it looks up an address but
there's still the time wasted collecting data that is never displayed,
eliminated from Firefox by 'Adblock' and 'Flashblock.'



Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia

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