Re: Checking download stream speed

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Paul Smith wrote:
Dear All

How can I know whether my modem/router is synchronized at 8Mbps for
download stream?

Thanks in advance,


The bandwidth test sites mentioned offer a decent method of testing Internet connection performance. As mentioned, other network traffic will interfere with your results so I'd recommend you average out several tests over a few days (and at different times). I do this when testing changes to my firewall/router. I'm not really interested in maximum speeds just the average.
Comcast, my ISP, advertises 8Mbps down but I typically see 6Mbps down
(and 390kbps up). I intend to call them to make sure I'm receiving their
"fastest" service as they've added speed tiers to their Internet
offering. (long after I was a subscriber)
As for synchronization et cetera. I have a Motorola SB5100 from Comcast.
It's diagnostic interface is accessible by pointing a web browser to The only relevant information I can see from these web
pages includes signal-to-noise, power level and error logs. Google your
make/model cable modem for information on how to access it's diagnostic

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