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I am new to Kannel and this whole SMS gateway thing. I am trying to
learn how to integrate the LAMP system with SMS services (like sent
SMS text messages in database to use with other applications). So to
try out, I just installed the binary pacakge via yum from extras repo
(I'm using FC5). My questions are:

1. Where is it installed by default? I am asking this question because i can use
# /etc/rc.d/init.d/kannel start
as deemon but according to Kannel documentation it can be started in
other ways like
./bearerbox -v 1 [config-file]

2. According to Kannel documentation, it comes with "smskannel.conf"
as a sample file but I couldn't locate it anywhere (including
/usr/share/doc/kannel-1.4.1). Where can I find it?

3. Can somebody guide me on where to start looking for in  order to
learn Kannel and integrate it with the web (with apache and php)?


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