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Michael Schwendt wrote:
On 30/03/07, Michel Compercho wrote:
Ok, got ticked off and yum removed the qt4 that yum installed, now
things seem to be back to "normal"....

going to try to build and install from source....
To collect some details, is this about Fedora 6 and the qt4 packages
from Fedora Extras? Is this reproducible when you "yum install
qt4-devel? What happens to the Qt related run-time linker config files
in /etc/* when you install the qt4 packages?

Please help with finding out whether Qt 4 as offered in Fedora Extras is broken.
Sorry I meant to say this in the last post .... I downloaded, built, and installed from source the qt4 packages from Trolltech (figured straight from the horses mouth and all....) and I DON"T have any problems....

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