Re: KDE woes....

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On Friday 30 March 2007 3:56:23 pm Michel Compercho wrote:
> Scott van Looy wrote:
> > Today Michel Compercho did spake thusly:
> >> you know, sometimes I feel like I'm playing with win3.1. Every time I
> >> touch something, the system breaks. I wanted to play with QT so I
> >> installed via yum QT4. NOW KDE WILL NOT START....tells me that it
> >> can't find libqt-mt-so.3. BS. It exists in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib,
> >> /usr/lib64/qt-3.3/lib (which the files point to) and
> >> also in /usr/lib64/qt4 (the directory yum install qt4 it into...)
> >> this is very I'm back to GNOME....which I guess is
> >> god's way of telling me that I'm a c programmer .... don't play with
> >> c++!!!!!
> >
> > check it's an actual file and not a symlink?
> Ok, got ticked off and yum removed the qt4 that yum installed, now
> things seem to be back to "normal"....
> going to try to build and install from source....

Which KDE are you running - The standard FC one or Rex's one from kde-redhat ? 
I'm running the kde-redhat version it plays fine with the qt4 rpms ?


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